Pain / Relief

Pain, Relief (kesakitan,kelegaan)



Pain Relief
Ouch!That was hurtIt is painful

It hurts me

I’ve got a backache/toothache/stomachache

I feel sore all over

My eyes hurt

I’m very relieved to hear…Finally, it was overI feel relieved

I feel much better

I’m glad it’s over

That’s a great relief

I’m extremely glad to hear…

Thank goodness for that


What a relief!

Oh, That’s a relief

I’m relieved to hear…


I’m extremely glad to hear about…



I Fell Much Better!!

Other expressions

  1. 1. Expressions of Pain
  • I am suffering from a relapse.
  • I feel sick./I feel ill.
  • I’m sick.
  • Ugh, it’s very painful!
  • Oh, it’s killing me!
  1. 2. Expressions of Relief
  • It’s a relief to know that ….
  • Thank God for ….
  • I’m glad it was done.
  • Thank goodness!
  • Thank heavens!
  • I’m glad about …!
  • It’s a great relief!
  • Whew